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How to order ?

It is possible to place an order directly on our website via the “online order” section.

You can also contact us by telephone at

How long at least can I order my pastry?

We have a minimum lead time of 48 hours.

However, we are often full. We therefore advise you to order your pastry one week before the date of your event.

Can I collect my order on a Sunday?

We are closed on Sunday, however it is possible to pick up your pastry the day before your event. It keeps perfectly refrigerated for 48 hours.

How do I transport my pastry?

We package our pastries in pretty transparent boxes, ideally designed for transport on foot and by car.
We also offer a delivery service.

Do you offer sweet treats?

We offer several types of sweets that can be personalized.

For more details, go to the sweets section of our e-shop.

Do you offer tastings?

We offer tasting appointments, for this please write to us by email your request for an appointment with the following information:

-Event date

-Number of guests (minimum 100 shares)

-The 3 chosen flavors to taste during the meeting (to choose from our flavor menu)

This consultation is the ideal time to know your desires and offer you the wedding cake of your dreams.

This appointment is 60€ for 2 people.

Is it possible to collect my pastry the day before my event?

Quite !

Our pastries keep perfectly for 24 hours in the fridge.

Do you have pastries to take away directly from the store?

We produce our pastries only to order.

How much do your pastries cost?

The average price of our pastries is €9 per slice.
It then varies according to your desires or your themes.

Is it possible to pay a deposit for my pastry?

The full amount of the pastry must be paid at the time of ordering. It is therefore not possible to pay a deposit.

What are your payment methods?

We offer different payment methods:

- By telephone with the VAD

- Online by credit card

- Directly in store: bank card and cash

The full amount of the pastry must be paid at the time of ordering.

Do you use sugar paste?

We do not use sugar paste to cover our pastries. These are only covered with a thin layer of ganache.

Certain decorations or modeling can be made from sugar or chocolate.

Do you use gelatin or other additives?

We do not use gelatin or any other additives in our pastries.

What is the minimum number of shares?

The minimum number of portions of our pastries is 4.

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What is the maximum number of shares?

There is no maximum number of shares: sky is the limit!

To find out the feasibility of your project, you can use the contact form to tell us more.

What is a topper?

This is a customizable, custom-made item that can be placed on your pastry.